Hourly Consultation to Parents and/or Early Childhood Educators (by phone or in person):


“We were at our wits end with a biting 18 month old on the verge of being expelled from daycare before finding Lisa. We ordered her book but also got one-on-one consultation. She responded so quickly! She was able to successfully work remotely with us; we live in California and she is based in New York. She helped not only our child, but also his school. Lisa was extremely thorough in identifying places where we all, parents and teachers, could make easy adjustments that resulted in rapid behavioral changes. Lisa was always available for conference calls, both with us and daycare. She really was invested in us and our child, becoming part of our proverbial village in raising our son. I can't say enough good things about Lisa and her system.”

Justin and Deitra Smith
Toddler Parents
Redding, California


“I don't know what I would have done if I didn't stumble across this website and book. My toddler was biting almost daily. I started dreading pickup and avoiding classroom parent events out of embarrassment. When I discovered Lisa's book, I started reading it right away but also reached out to her for personal consulting because I feared daycare was going to ask my child to leave any day. Other parents were starting to complain and daycare was asking me to pick him up early. After the first call with Lisa, so much of the stress, embarrassment and guilt that had accumulated immediately lifted. She helped me come up with an action plan tailored to his behaviors and personality, one that I could share with his teachers. I was honestly amazed at how quickly we saw changes in my son's behavior once the action plan was in place. Lisa also helped my daycare come up with a biting policy which was then sent to other parents to ease their concerns. My child now seems well-adjusted and I cannot recommend Lisa or her book enough!”

Toddler Parent
Palo Alto, California


“I only have wonderful words to say about Lisa. She had such an inspiring impact when I needed her help involving one of my students who was having some behavioral issues. Lisa stepped in to give helpful suggestions and positive intervention techniques to change the misbehavior. With Lisa’s expertise, the aggressive behavior was quickly extinguished. She is a dedicated consultant and has the child’s best interests at heart. She worked not only with the child, but also met with the parents and teachers in order to come up with a customized action plan. Then, Lisa continues to remain involved with her clients, she communicates and follows-up often, which is so comforting. If I need any help or guidance, I know Lisa is there for unconditional support”.

Jennifer Devore
Preschool Director
New York, NY

From ECE Teachers

  • “The training was very hands-on and eye-opening. A fun way to learn conflict resolution”.
  • "I learned about the importance of active listening and teaching problem solving skills."
  • "These are techniques I can use tomorrow."
  • "I loved the specific guidance on everyday situations and her case studies."
  • "I came away with such fantastic handouts that I can share with other teachers."
  • "Lisa's talk on biting was so good! The concepts I learned will be useful in coaching children through any type of challenging behavior."
  • "Lots of information about making more clear boundaries for children."
  • "This workshop was just the right amount of tools, language, and physical strategies to incorporate easily."
  • "Lisa was very personable, easy to connect with, and super informative. Perfectly tailored to my age group!"



Selected Professional Development Clients

  • Southeast Regional Key Infant-Toddler Mental Health Conference
  • Delaware Valley Group of the World Association for Infant Mental Health
  • Early Care and Learning Council – Albany, New York
  • NY State Association of Independent Schools - Annual Admissions Director’s Conference
  • City University of New York - Child Care Services
  • Bank Street College Professional Development Department
  • New York Early Childhood Professional Development Institute

  • NYS AEYC Annual Conference
  • CA AEYC Annual Conference
  • Brooklyn Early Childhood Director's Association
  • Head Start & Early Head Start
  • The Goddard School of Manhattan
  • Plymouth Church School
  • Preschool of America
  • Imagine Early Learning Centers
  • The Family Annex
  • Explore & Discover
  • Medical Center Nursery School
  • Center for Children’s Initiatives
  • YMCA of Greater New York
  • All My Children
  • Village Babies Development Center

Teacher’s Comments on Professional Development Training