Positive Ways To Manage Hurtful Behavior

The Seven Questions To Ask Yourself

These questions will form the structure of your work and enable you to sort your knowledge into useful categories.

Stop the Fighting & Biting
  • 1 Stage of Development: Is the child’s current physical/social/emotional development impacting his/her ability to handle stressors?
  • 2 Past Experiences & Recent Changes: What were the child’s previous experiences with fighting and biting? What kinds of stressors or changes have there been in the child’s home or at the child care program recently?
  • 3 Speech and Language: Is the lack of verbal skills causing frustration?
  • 4 Physical Condition: Is the child’s physical condition a contributing factor in the behavior?
  • 5 Temperament: What role does the child’s temperament play in the behavior?
  • 6 The Environment: What effect does the physical environment of the home or child care program have on the child?
  • 7 Limit Setting: What kind of limit setting is the child currently experiencing at home and with other caregivers?