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Professional development training services, keynote/featured speaking, and individual counseling and consultation is available to families or early childhood education programs nationwide, by phone or in person.

Contact Lisa Poelle at: or 646-596-7642

Speaking Engagements:  Information is available upon request

Professional Development Training Topics:

  • Stop the Fighting & Biting – Take the Mystery Out of Misbehavior
  • Successfully Managing Infant/Toddler/Preschooler Sleep Problems
  • Weaving the RIE Approach into Infant/Toddler Teaching Practices
  • Understanding & Working with Individual Differences in Temperament
  • Transforming ECE Environments: Add Beauty, Reduce Behavior Problems, & Meet Needs
  • The Workplace Challenge: Communicating & Problem Solving with ECE Colleagues
  • Helping Parents Understand the Value of Play in Early Childhood
  • Positive Discipline Strategies for Parents of Young Children
  • Preparing Four Year Olds for Kindergarten Success
  • Building Collaboration Between Caregivers & Parents
  • ECE Consultants: Make Your Consultation Really Stick!
  • Preparing for NAEYC Accreditation/Re-Accreditation

Regularly Scheduled Consultation Services

Also, I am available to consult with programs on an hourly or an ongoing basis (making monthly or semi-monthly visits) to provide on-site support to administrative and teaching staff.

Hourly Consultation to Parents and/or Early Childhood Educators (by phone or in person):

“I only have wonderful words to say about Lisa. She had such an inspiring impact when I needed her help involving one of my students who was having some behavioral issues. Lisa stepped in to give helpful suggestions and positive intervention techniques to change the misbehavior. With Lisa’s expertise, the aggressive behavior was quickly extinguished. She is a dedicated consultant and has the child’s best interests at heart. She worked not only with the child, but also met with the parents and teachers in order to come up with a customized action plan. Then, Lisa continues to remain involved with her clients, she communicates and follows-up often, which is so comforting. If I need any help or guidance, I know Lisa is there for unconditional support”.

Jennifer Devore
Preschool Director
New York, NY

Teacher’s Comments on Professional Development Training

  • “She had perfect examples which helped me get a much clearer understanding.”
  • “I learned a lot from this workshop. She was very practical, informative, and helpful.”
  • “Upbeat, well-organized, fun, and diverse in presentation formats. Wonderful!”
  • “Ms. Poelle was very enthusiastic and provided a lot of great information. Her timing was great.”
  • “A wealth of information with tangible experiences. Great handouts, too.”

A Book Review from the Library Journal:
May 15, 2013

“Biting is perhaps the single worst atrocity of toddlerhood. It brings out primal defense mechanisms in the parents of the victim and horrific shame and sadness in the perp’s family. However, it is a relatively common occurrence that receives little more than a nod in most parenting books. Poelle has a wealth of professional early childhood education experience that she brings to this topic, and here she gives parents and educators a step-by-step look at the biting tendency: what is normal child development, why some children bite, case studies of biters, and forms and worksheets for progressing through the problem. From identifying triggers to recognizing the impact of delayed language sklils to working with both sets of parents, Poelle provides a wealth of practical, informative advice covering everything from developing empathy to soothing a hurt and frustrated child. VERDICT: Child care workers, parents and colleges and universities with early childhood development programs will all benefit from this text. A timely and underrepresented contribution to the literature. Poelle should be commended for providing solid solutions to what feels like the “crime of the century” in parenting. Earnestly recommended.”


The Book - The Biting Solution:

The Biting Solution“Working as the child care center director of numerous programs, I have consistently used Lisa Poelle’s advice to assist me in tackling myriad challenges. I can highly recommend her book to both early childhood educators and parents.”

Joan Campanella-Shutt
Child care center director
San Diego, CA

“Wow! Great book! Parents and teachers get a better understanding of why young children resort to hurting each other, plus effective, concrete ideas to prevent and respond to these problem behaviors.”

Lauren Kuehn
Director, Green Hills Pre-school
Los Gatos, CA

“A must-have book for parents and teachers of young children. . . . The examples of actual situations and customized solutions clearly illustrate how to use this method with children of different ages. A great tool for anyone living or working with young children!”

Stephanie Dockweiler, M.A.
President, QS2 Training and Consulting
New York Metro Area, NY

The Biting Solution offers sound advice about how to eliminate hurtful behavior . . . which is often misunderstood and not always respectfully extinguished.... A must-read for childcare providers, parents of young children, and parents of twins.”

Dianne Thomas
Licensed marriage and family therapist
twins specialist, and parent educator
San Mateo, CA

The Biting Solution, is a great “guide-by-your-side” kind of resource that offers a wealth of information in an easy to read and accessible way. It’s surprising that a book with such a specific focus, can have such broad applications; this book could be used for a variety of challenging behaviors, with a variety of populations. Ms. Poelle’s approach and strategies demonstrate not only on a solid knowledge of early childhood development, but also a terrific grasp of how adults learn, giving them the tools they need to help children make changes that are effective and genuine.”

Susan Einbender
Parent Advisor, Early Intervention
Pennsylvania School for the Deaf

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