How to Use this Method

  1. Caregivers and parents should have a meeting to review the child's past incident reports to understand how his/her hurtful behavior took place, i.e., when, where, why, who, and how it was handled. Discuss together the child's developmental history, skills, temperament, habits, daily schedule, limit setting techniques and family dynamics.
  2. Observe the child in his/her group care setting and in the home setting if possible. If a home visit is not possible, gather infromation by phone.
  3. Download and print out other content from the “Tools & Song” section of this website.
  4. Develop your own customized Action Plan that includes specific activities and changes to be made by all of the adults involved with the child. Working in concert and supporting each other, you CAN be successful in helping the child deal with frustration in positive ways without resorting to hurting others.

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